Are you a Handmade Card Maker?

Please go through questions below and see if you qualify to become a seller at

  1. You have at least 10 cards at home that you can list and start selling.
  2. You have a business paypal account. (It's free and easy to upgrade to business from personal if you already have a PayPal account)
  3. You can get plastic sleeves, sign the back of your cards and ship them in a Stay-Flat envelope.
  4. You are able to get a flat shipping & handling rate for the countries that you will be shipping.
  5. You have at least one public social media account where you show the authenticity of your card making. (If not, a deposit is required to protect my brand and customers)

If you answered Yes to all of the questions, you are pre-qualified to become a seller at Please register with your email address and set up your store profile. Once you submit your store profile, it will go through an approval process and you'll be notified within 2 - 3 business days.


*For now as this is just launching, everything (seller tools on this website) is offered for free and the site will run its operation with donations from Card Makers. If you make some great sales (and we will hold our hands together until the brand gets known, reached out and settled), please donate what you think is worth to give to me for the service I provided through All transactions happen through PayPal outside this website, so there's no extra charge other than transaction charges from PayPal. If you are interested in carrying my brand sticker (I made you a card) at the back of your card, please email and we can make that happen as well.

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you !

Regina Hong